Athens – Αθήνα

Athens as a Digital Nomad destination

Athens is the capital of Greece and holds nearly half of its population. 

As almost all places in Greece, it holds some great history and lot of places to visit and surely many things to do, more than a short passage can handle. 

Since the airbnb explosion, rent prices have gone crazy, rendering almost impossible even for Greeks to find normal priced apartments – normal would be 250€ το 350€ per month for a small apartment. 

We were born and raised in Athens ourselves, but never saw it as a place were you can enjoy life. Athens is considered one of the worst capitals in the EU and surely the recent economic crisis made things worse. 

Nevertheless, you can not avoid Athens if you decide to visit Greece, and neither you should. Athens is great for short visits, as intervals for other places in Greece, were nature and culture hold ground.

Our place is also on airbnb and we would be happy to offer a great discount to fellow digital nomads, along with tips to make your visit hassle free . 

The apartment is 5 minutes from the metro, has a high quality internet line, a big working desk and all amenities to support even a long stay. We used to live there after all 🙂