Greece – Ελλάδα

Digital Nomads Greece

Greece is great if you are nomading. We especially enjoy the countryside, small towns and villages – mostly around the aegean sea and its islands.

Every place we have visited thus far, is a place that we would pick to spend a lifetime, if only there were not other places, waiting for us to discover.

There are surely a great deal of things to experience in bigger Greek cities, if given the opportunity, Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Trikala and Ksanthi would be among my favorites. Greek countryside on the other hand, being greatly neglected, triggers interesting behaviors that end up in a truly inviting and warm stay, much closer to local and peculiar habits. We enjoy taking part in these exotic stories.

Traditional Village of Drakia, in Pelion 2017
Abandoned Village in Chios Island

Internet Access in Greece

It’s extremely easy to find a wifi spot in Greece, even in quite remote areas. Almost every village, no matter how small it is, hosts at least one cafe, or “kafenio” (traditional cafe) that normally has internet connection and would freely provide access. 

You can’t be sure of 4G networks in remote places of Greece. You should favor Cosmote Network and verify resources, prior to establishing a long stay somewhere beyond urban places. 

Co-working spaces flourish in all major cities. Greeks hold a strong presence on freelancer platforms, triggered mostly by the recent economic crisis. 


Renting and Living

You can find descent places to live, from as much as two hundrent per month, in areas that are not central or seasonally touristic.  

To maintain a casual lifestyle a visiting nomad would require nearly or less than a thousant euros.

Hospitals are for free, English is a well used language, people are typically friendly and most western world amenities are present.   

Sunglassed photo in Karginagri, Ikaria Island
Editied Photo of Meteora

Digital Nomads Greece welcomes the community, in all sorts of interaction that can benefit individuals, the movement at large and this particular corner of the world that we love to call home. 

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