Ikaria Island – Ικαρία

Overview of Ikaria

Ikaria Island Greece, is one of the best budget vacation islands in the world today. It offers great food, great local wine, great scenery, wild, unexploited and unspoiled natural beauty enriched with lakes, waterfalls, great forests, majestic beaches, natural spa and other wonders. More to this, Ikaria features an exotic timeless lifestyle.

Ikaria Island sites just east of the rather infamous Mykonos island. It does though, in a rather negative way. There is no luxury in this Island, there is not even proper modern infrastructure, but, as famously noted by the NYT: 

"Ikaria Island is the place where people forget to die"

The shape of the Island resembles a stretched lighting emojil and there are only two roads connecting the northern part with the southern. A tall saw shaped mountain-line rides the middle, providing a natural border that features extremely strong winds. Climbing that mountain up and down once a day can be more than enough.

It’s perfect if you have a jeep or an all-road motorcycle

Locals have a saying about their island. They say that “Ikaria can’t be viewed on the map as it’s placed vertical”. Local myths speak of a sharp meteorite shoot to the ground, by ancient Titans – the breed of Gods that preceded infamous Mount Olympus like Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Dionysus ect

Lifestyle in Ikaria is greatly affected by long periods of harsh weather. Living in this island can be tough, especially during winter. Locals have adapted into a rather relaxed way of life, needed perhaps, to serve balance. Ikaria is known to be a world champion in long liveness and accumulates lots of peculiarities in term of lifestyle.

You can’t be serious about appointments and you always need to: just take your time. Cars and houses are left unlocked – there is zero criminality here- even shops can be left unattended for hours: customers are welcomed to leave their money in a box!

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