Internet Access in Greece

It’s extremely easy to find a wifi spot in Greece, even in quite remote areas. Almost every village, no matter how small it is, hosts at least one cafe, or “kafenio” (traditional cafe) that normally has internet connection and would freely provide access. Typical speeds can vary from 1 to 3 mbps/sec for downloading while less than 1 for uploading. The more crowded with young people the cafe is, the less working line remains to harvest for work.

If you need greater speeds, you should search for internet-cafe’s, places that are mostly made to meet gaming demands and would charge a desktop station by the hour., for as much as 2€ or 3€.  Coworking spaces are relatively new in Greece and not easy to find, but in major cities.  Recent infrastructure has made possible connections that provide up to 50 mbps for download and 5 for upload, but are not that popular yet.

The best solution, the one that I also have utilized, is to buy a 4G internet sim from Cosmote carrier for as much as 12,90€ per month. That will grand you great download and upload speeds with a great coverage,. There is a data plan download limitation that starts from 4GB during daytime + some free during nightime, but you can always pop-up.  I have my cosmote sim mounted on a tablet and that takes away all the hassle, of finding a strong wifi spot.

Cosmote typically favors long time contracts, but according to its regulations, if you don’t accept their “free-hardware-treat” you can brake the contract within two months with no penalties. But be aware: most cosmote officials will deny such an option (article 12.1 here:

You can check all cosmote 4G products here: