Lesvos Island / Λέσβος

Asomatos Traditional Village, Lesvos, Greece

This is were we are currently located.

We moved our HQ out of Athens, into a remote mountain village, nearly 20 minutes away from the port and airport of Mitylene in Lesvos, Greece.

We are here nearly 2 years, as visiting nomads, we are working via our notebooks and smartphones, providing digital services globally. 

We are exploring the North Aegean Sea, supporting the idea of a nomad paradise.

Asomatos Kafenes
A closeup image on the sole local Kafene of Asomatos Village
Marinos with handpan
With a handpan in Eresos

Culture & Music

We often ride our motorcycle and roam, along with sophisticated photography equipment and, depending on the trip: our home made jewelry gallery, our electric guitar and amplifier, our cat in its space capsule … or all of them (as we did in Ikaria)

We already offer a well designed wood-sculpting workshop in Asomatos Village and have  issued a private calling for interested parties to get in touch mostly towards an artistic expression of some sort. 

We all play and enjoy music, drama, dance and poetry and lean towards glorious human meetings, music that sparks off the moment, days and nights that can be memorable.  


Nature & Photography

We have a great collection of events and happenings, media meant to get published. Join us, as we set to exploring Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Limnos, Ikaria, Ayvalik and Izmir. 

Jenny and Benjamin
Jenny and Benjamin, in a random alley street in Athens

Marinos, Jenny and Benjamin