Karavostamo Town is the most populated town of Ikaria Island, only 10 minutes drivetime from Evdilos, the west port of Ikaria. We stayed in a modern compound of 6 apartments, called Rokos Ikarian Aparatments, not more than 5 minutes walk from the sea. We were hosted there by Anastasia and George, a young couple that had just abandoned Athens, and they offered us a great price.

Our stay was excellent in all accounts. We had a bakery and a convenient store nearby, while the market on the beach features a local fish tavern, a handful of kafenia (offering drinks and food), bars, souvlaki ofcourse, and surprisingly, decent burgers and crepes.

We also enjoyed relaxed time inside the apartment, cooking or streaming movies via wifi.

You can get in touch with Anastasia via her Facebook page here. 
(*Ask for your #NomadGreece discount coupon and attention)

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