Ikaria is mostly known for its festivals – all villages and towns compete each other on that. Fixed days and exact scheduling is not accustomed in Ikaria. Festivals can just spark without notice and might last up to three days. Ikarian people don’t need a reason to celebrate and almost every family has its own home-made wine.

Monokampi is known to feature the last Ikarian festival of the summer. It takes place mid-September in a great area covered with large trees and all necessary installments. Music and serving start from early noun and doesn’t stop until at least 24 hours later.

The band has a bouzouki and a violin and performs a rich music medley. There are traditional songs like zorba and zeibekiko but also waltz and tango. However, it is the local Ikarian dance songs -definitely the most exciting greek dance- the ones that manage to gather everyone on the dance floor, people of all races, ages and cultures, dancing and celebrating hand in hand.

The menu features excellent local red wine and also a tasteful local bottled beer. The first dish to be offered is a traditional meat soup, rich in animal butter to assist your guts withstand the great forthcoming volume of alcohol. Vast quantities of local meat follow, mostly cooked or grilled goat and pork, with all necessary add ons, like fried fries, tzatziki sos, tomato salad, feta cheese ect.

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