Wood Sculpting Workshops

With an exotic teacher, in a unique traditional village, in Lesvos Island, Greece

A Monumental Experience!

A custom made artistic hands-on experience in a small paradise, away from it all 😉

Designed for Digital Nomads
Co-Hosted by DigitalNomads.Greece

Your Teacher: Yorgo Sykomytelli

Art is my lifestyle. I spend my time worshiping nature and all artistic aspects of my home-island culture: Lesvos, Greece. I am a wood sculptor, one of the few remaining residents of traditional village Asomatos. I welcome you to a unique wood sculpting workshop and an exotic time travelling experience.

Special arrangements are already in place to meet everything a digital nomad would need, for a great stay in our company!
We have multiple housing spots in the area, means of transportation and exploration, affiliations with an inreasing number of experience providers and great co working spaces, offering efficient internet speeds.
Reach out to us if you are a digital nomad. Lets design a great experience for you!
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